Case Studies

Freed Maxick


Design and build a new website, with accompanying ad campaign, that would refresh the accounting firm's presence as a top-100 accounting firm.


One challenge in talking about accounting is overcoming the pre-conceived notions that exist about the industry--that their workers are constantly buried in their calculators. With our "Meet Freed" campaign, our approach was to put a spotlight on a dozen employees, from management to auditors, and talk more about their individual interests. By focusing on what drives their employees, we can understand the level of commitment and devotion they put into their work. We photographed employees with tools and artifacts from their areas of interest, and built web sliders and profiles with their stories. These would then be applied to an ad campaign, digital billboard campaign, and other promotional materials. This new image, built around a strong, invested, interesting team would position the firm as approachable and reliable. With the web rollout of the campaign, we helped Freed simplify their website with a complete redesign.

Freed Maxick

web design, print & digital
advertising campaign